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Quality or Cost?  What is the best avenue for you?  For camping this can be a very important question.  It will depend on a lot of factors.  Are you camping as a family?  Will you be camping once a year in the backyard or multiple times a year in the wilderness.  Before you purchase a tent these question are very important to answer.  I have been a camper for the past 30 years spending many, many nights in the wilderness.  For my recommendation I will always suggest a high quality made tent.  Here is why?

A cheap tent or camping equipment in general will start to show wear and tear after a few times out camping.  The material will leak or a zipper will tear.  Tents are take on a big load.  They are usually roughed up when people go in and out of them and then rolled up into a tiny bag afterwards.  To have a high quality tent no matter where you are camping is one of the best feelings you can have.  Your tent is your home and protection.  To have great protection is an amazing feeling.

I also believe that quality is without a doubt the way to go because of what you will be putting in your life.  Many times we tent to buy the cheaper products because we want to save some money.  But, what we don’t look at is the added stress from having a poor quality product also the long-term costs that we will have once the product begins to deteriorate.  I learned this the hard way.  Many times I would buy products because of the cost.  What I begin to realize over time is that all my possessions were all cheap junk.  I think began to look at my material things and which ones I liked the best.  What I found out is that my favorite possessions were all products that were high quality.  After, I found this out I began to buy almost all high quality products.  It may have cost more and taken longer to purchase but in the long run I am so much happier and confident with my possessions.

In early 2011, Southwest Airlines redesigned their already excellent Rapid Rewards program.  Their new program is geared towards allowing customer’s to get more value out of their points redemption,  while increasing the rewards given to their more frequent and higher-statused customers.

The primary change with this program is that the Rapid Rewards now give more points for their more expensive flights.  That means their Business Select customers now receive 12 points per dollar for their flights, while Anytime flight customer’s earn 10 points per dollar, and Wanna Get Away customers earn 6 points per dollar. As the flight and seat-level go up, so do the number of points that are earned.

This is a huge departure from their earlier plan that only provided 1200 points for each flight, no matter what the level or how much was spent.

This same benefit is extended to the redemption side.  Business Select customers can book their flights using 120 points per dollar, while Anytime flights can be booked for 100 points per dollar and Wanna Get Away fares only need 60 points per dollar to book.

Ideally, this allows someone to take company-paid flights on Business Select, and then use their points to fly more Wanna Get Away fares  But this system also works well with customers that use their Southwest Credit Card to earn to points, as well as helping their large base of family-oriented customers get flights for a fraction of the points that used to be needed.

The other major benefit is that the points earned are now good for 24 months with limited expiration.  Additionally, those points can be refreshed by adding more points.  So as long as customer’s fly at least once every 2 years, their points will not expire   In the past, customers had to fly 6, round trip flights in 2 years in order to earn a free flight before their points expired.

Finally, for the frequent flier, the Rapid Rewards program now has its own credit card that can allow customer’s to earn 1 point per dollar spent on their everyday purchases. This is just an added benefit to the already excellent new Rapid Rewards program, and Southwest’s tradition of excellent customer service.

Chiang Mai is a major highlight of any journey through Thailand. Visited by over one and a half million foreign tourists each year, it is the most important city in northern Thailand and the capital of Chiang Mai Province. In contrast to the modernized Bangkok, Chiang Mai is more relaxed, cultural and old-fashioned.

Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

The large, visually impressive city is home to some 160,000 people, over 300 Buddhist temples and some of the finest Thai massage schools in the country.  More foreigners get their Thai massage education in Chiang Mai than anywhere else in the Thailand, although the Wat Pho school in Bangkok predates all others and is also very important.

Thai massage is a kind of bodywork that involves deep massage, stretching and pressing specific points in the body. Massage in the Thai style is done fully clothed. Originally Thai massage was used only for therapeutic reasons but lately it has found its way into spa and tourism businesses.

The Chiang Mai style of massage emphasizes stretches over pressure, causing many Westerners to dub it as “yoga massage.”   Thai massage is supposed to restore harmony and health by causing energy to flow freely in the body. You can reap the benefits of massage the Thai way by enrolling in an accredited school in Chiang Mai. Accreditation by the Thai government and other massage authorities is important to ensure quality education and safety.

Chiang Mai Massage Instruction

Some of the places for massage instruction are:

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. An accredited school for all levels of training. The basic 30-hour course costs about 5,000 Thai bahts.

Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School. This school is affiliated with the Wat Pho school in Bangkok, the oldest university in the country and the original Thai massage school.

International Training Massage School. This school focuses on promoting Thai massage to an international audience. A one-hour Thai yoga practice is taught to prepare students for massage practice.

Some massage experts in Chiang Mai also teach individually. These instructors may have a less formal setting than a traditional school. For instance, students may live with their teacher’s family and tuition may be more flexible.

Make your tour of Thailand not only fun and memorable but also useful. When you learn how to do Thai massage, you learn a new skill that you can use for a lifetime.  Chiang Mai is a great place to start.

New York is a favored destination of many travelers. The city has several things to offer, including shopping, recreation and all sorts of attractions. However, these things can get somewhat expensive for the average person. Luckily, saving money in NYC is not that difficult. In fact, tourists and even the locals can enjoy what the city has to offer without having a large budget.

Free and Affordable Fun

One of the biggest money saving tips that should be taken into consideration when visiting New York or any other location is checking out the free festivities and activities that are commonly available. This can include any multitude of parades, street fairs and attractions that do not charge upfront. Many of the museums are free to visit but ask that guests make a donation to help cover operation costs. Even contributing a few dollars can rack up the savings when compared to the price of admissions elsewhere.

Getting the Best Deals

Saving money in NYC also involves becoming a savvy shopper. Rather than shop at vendors targeted towards tourists, visiting local markets and vendors can come at quite a cost reduction. More often times than not, gift shops and tourist driven merchants may charge significantly more than what other shops will. In addition to this, there may even be more selection in merchandise and authentic New York items.

Other Considerations

Visiting New York City does not necessarily have to be expensive, particularly if you use something like the NYC Explorer Pass. There are several ways to obtain discounts and take advantage of what the area has to offer without paying full price, if anything at all. However, the consumer should also take into consideration other factors, such as lodging and transportation. These two items alone can make or break the bank when it comes to taking a vacation anywhere in the world.

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