2 Man Tent–Quality vs. Cost, Which Way to Go?

Quality or Cost?  What is the best avenue for you?  For camping this can be a very important question.  It will depend on a lot of factors.  Are you camping as a family?  Will you be camping once a year in the backyard or multiple times a year in the wilderness.  Before you purchase a tent these question are very important to answer.  I have been a camper for the past 30 years spending many, many nights in the wilderness.  For my recommendation I will always suggest a high quality made tent.  Here is why?

A cheap tent or camping equipment in general will start to show wear and tear after a few times out camping.  The material will leak or a zipper will tear.  Tents are take on a big load.  They are usually roughed up when people go in and out of them and then rolled up into a tiny bag afterwards.  To have a high quality tent no matter where you are camping is one of the best feelings you can have.  Your tent is your home and protection.  To have great protection is an amazing feeling.

I also believe that quality is without a doubt the way to go because of what you will be putting in your life.  Many times we tent to buy the cheaper products because we want to save some money.  But, what we don’t look at is the added stress from having a poor quality product also the long-term costs that we will have once the product begins to deteriorate.  I learned this the hard way.  Many times I would buy products because of the cost.  What I begin to realize over time is that all my possessions were all cheap junk.  I think began to look at my material things and which ones I liked the best.  What I found out is that my favorite possessions were all products that were high quality.  After, I found this out I began to buy almost all high quality products.  It may have cost more and taken longer to purchase but in the long run I am so much happier and confident with my possessions.