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From 1670 to 1972, the Cayman Islands were under the governance of Jamaica. When Jamaica achieved independence from Great Britain, the Caymans chose to remain a dependency of the British Crown, which is its position today. Located approximately 480 miles south of Miami, Florida, the Caymans comprise three islands: Grand Cayman (which is home to […]

Whether you have come to San Jose on a short trip or are planning from the start for an extended stay San Jose get away, the local tourist and visitor centers are a great first source for the information on accommodations you need. Many visitors find themselves staying longer than planned because they discover more […]

If you are looking for a Mediterranean destination to spend your vacation, you should include Paphos, the ancient capital of Cyprus, amongst your possible destination. It is not just a beautiful city, as there is much of historical significance in the area as well. Paphos is where it is said the Goddess of Love and […]

Traveling for business or pleasure is not replete of stress, worrying if you packed everything you need and remembered to bring your travel cup holder, whether you will get stuck in traffic, juggling with your work so that you can make it to the airport on time, traveling with kids, long layovers or weather delays. […]

Going on holiday in the UK is an expensive affair and if you are visiting the UK from abroad you are most probably horrified at the cost. Even for the family earning an average wage in the UK it is often cheaper for them to go abroad on holiday than it is for them to […]

Sometimes we all need a break from the every day. Everyone deserves to get away for the weekend every now and then. Sometimes you just want to forget the stresses of your work week, leave your troubles behind and just relax. What better way to do this than with your girlfriends. Choose among the best […]

How would you like to visit the land where the world’s best tea, Ceylon Tea is made and see how it is made first hand? Then you should go to the country today known as Sri Lanka and experience the Sri Lankan holidays. This is a country you can experience a tropical paradise vacation. The […]

An increase in years does not have to mean a decrease in travel.  In fact the increase in free time that comes with retirement makes it an excellent time to get out and see the world.  However, with age comes maturity and a consideration of all possible outcomes.  That is where age concern travel insurance […]

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, you should consider a Colorado family vacation. Colorado is a beautiful state full of vast wilderness and unchecked natural glory. There are tall mountains and deep forests, brisk lakes and running rivers. You will be able to find many things in Colorado that the whole family will […]

It can get very cold and miserable in any northern European country during the winter time. February is one of those months which is sort of weird, it’s neither here nor there, it’s not Christmas and yet is not yet spring. It’s a weird month also because it is always a time when I feel […]