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Lady bikers have always had a sense of style, but now they’re getting off of the back of the bike and onto their own motorcycles. They’re experience the freedom and independence you can only get on your own ride. Women are spending more time on their own motorcycles and they need the accessories only lady […]

Many people think of great cultural centers when an Italian holiday is mentioned. Florence, Venice, and Rome appeal to many tourists, but Italy has a more flamboyant sided, as well. Visitors may not be as familiar with the lake district, however, European aristocrats and artists have frequented this area all throughout history. Italian holidays provide […]

Nobody wants to spend a lot more than they need to for a typical hotel suite but at the same time no-one likes to vacation in a undesirable hotel as it could really put a downer on your getaway. How do you get the best of the two worlds by saving on price but vacationing […]

Arranging a hotel can be a really challenging business, particularly when you are in a different city without any local know-how. Furthermore we all have distinct specifications when searching for a resort with all sorts of things from price to rating being a factor. To help here are a few of my main points that […]

Nepal is famous for its landscapes that allows for people to trek, whether they want to hike or move through the jungles of the terai and Kathmandu valley. You can also trek by mountain biking in the near hills from the valley or you can go up and down a hill in the districts outside […]

My wife and I were racking our brains last year to try and decide on where to go for our summer holiday. My wife fancied Greece and I said Cyprus, but we had been to both of those places before. Then my wife had a brainwave. How about Bulgaria holidays she suggested. Well at first […]

Are you planning on going on a trip and taking a break? Will you be renting a car? If your upcoming vacation destination is going to require that you have access to transportation, then you need to decide whether you will buy insurance for your rental car. Despite all the advice that says to never […]

In choosing which shipping cruise to board when going on a cruise isn’t just about the fare or the destinations and not even the rooms that are available. Rather, the amenities and the services that the ship can provide you. Because the Norwegian Cruises’ has just introduced this luxury cruise ship, unlike the Cunard Queen […]