Chiang Mai Thai Massage

Chiang Mai is a major highlight of any journey through Thailand. Visited by over one and a half million foreign tourists each year, it is the most important city in northern Thailand and the capital of Chiang Mai Province. In contrast to the modernized Bangkok, Chiang Mai is more relaxed, cultural and old-fashioned.

Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

The large, visually impressive city is home to some 160,000 people, over 300 Buddhist temples and some of the finest Thai massage schools in the country.  More foreigners get their Thai massage education in Chiang Mai than anywhere else in the Thailand, although the Wat Pho school in Bangkok predates all others and is also very important.

Thai massage is a kind of bodywork that involves deep massage, stretching and pressing specific points in the body. Massage in the Thai style is done fully clothed. Originally Thai massage was used only for therapeutic reasons but lately it has found its way into spa and tourism businesses.

The Chiang Mai style of massage emphasizes stretches over pressure, causing many Westerners to dub it as “yoga massage.”   Thai massage is supposed to restore harmony and health by causing energy to flow freely in the body. You can reap the benefits of massage the Thai way by enrolling in an accredited school in Chiang Mai. Accreditation by the Thai government and other massage authorities is important to ensure quality education and safety.

Chiang Mai Massage Instruction

Some of the places for massage instruction are:

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. An accredited school for all levels of training. The basic 30-hour course costs about 5,000 Thai bahts.

Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School. This school is affiliated with the Wat Pho school in Bangkok, the oldest university in the country and the original Thai massage school.

International Training Massage School. This school focuses on promoting Thai massage to an international audience. A one-hour Thai yoga practice is taught to prepare students for massage practice.

Some massage experts in Chiang Mai also teach individually. These instructors may have a less formal setting than a traditional school. For instance, students may live with their teacher’s family and tuition may be more flexible.

Make your tour of Thailand not only fun and memorable but also useful. When you learn how to do Thai massage, you learn a new skill that you can use for a lifetime.  Chiang Mai is a great place to start.