Five Great Restaurants to Try in London

Tourists seem to love London and the great metropolis offers the visitors many attractions and things to do. Millions arrive each year looking for accommodation and the ones that want to be a little different try to stay in cool hotels London or unusual hotels London. The UK is not known for amazing food but the city has some fantastic restaurants just waiting to be discovered. So if you are a foodie or just looking for something a little different here are five great restaurants to try in London:

Mildreds – Mildreds is great and very popular vegetarian restaurant located in the middle of the trendy Soho area. It attracts media types and some celebrities including the comedian Russell Brand. Although it’s decidedly unpretentious with a cozy atmosphere rather than glamorous. Hearty but healthy food is served such as veggie burgers and soya cheesecake.

St.Johns – If you’re more of a die hard carnivore then why not try St.Johns handily located next to the meat market in Smithfields (in the city of London). Not a place for the squeamish, this restaurant serves offal, off cuts and game such as venison, partridge and pheasant. Apparently delicious but definitely an acquired taste!

Salt Yard – One of the best Italian restaurants in London, Salt yard is located in the centre of London on Goodge Street. The décor is dark and sleek and the mix of Iberian and Italian food is served up with reasonable price tag.

Princess Garden – This is a Mayfair Chinese yet somehow manages to remain not overpriced. This restaurant promotes the principles of Feng shui and brings a bit of Hong Kong to London.

Mango and Silk – This is a very popular chain all over London offering budget but great quality Indian food. Perfect for spice fans and for those on a budget.