You’ve undoubtedly heard the shrill debate and ubiquitous tooth-gnashing surrounding the recent healthcare debate.  Health insurance plan costs have increased by an average of 12% every year for each of the last 5 years, and nobody’s expecting that trend to reverse any time soon.  The unfortunate (and many think, unintended and very short-sighted) loophole companies […]

Are you planning on going on a trip and taking a break? Will you be renting a car? If your upcoming vacation destination is going to require that you have access to transportation, then you need to decide whether you will buy insurance for your rental car. Despite all the advice that says to never […]

An increase in years does not have to mean a decrease in travel.  In fact the increase in free time that comes with retirement makes it an excellent time to get out and see the world.  However, with age comes maturity and a consideration of all possible outcomes.  That is where age concern travel insurance […]

Cairns, Australia is one of the most picturesque and inviting locations to be in. It is great for people of all ages and there are a variety of activities that you can choose from. Whether you want to take a breathtaking tour of the Great Barrier Reef or visit the Wet Tropics of Queensland, you […]

After hearing great things about your best friend’s trip to the Tangiers, you would also want to know his seniors travel insurance agent. You have been planning this trip and finally have all the time in the world to make it happen. Once you set up a meeting with the agent, be ready for certain […]