Philippines and Thailand have the best beaches

Philippines is a beautiful hotspot for those want the sun sea and sand. Many tourists vist Manila and enjoy the rich night life. It has the picture post card beaches, the ancient architecture along with the monsoon tropical downpours. Filipinos are very friendly people and love to talk. There are 7000 islands that are part of the the Philippines. Boracay Beaches is a must visit place for anyone looking to relax in the sun.

When travelling abroad you will have to think about family calling Philippines. The easiest way to be in touch is to get a local sim. Mobile phones are easily available and communications systems are very good. You can buy a pre paid Sim to use in your own mobile phone while in the country thus avoiding the high roaming charges.

Manila like most capital cities have an abudance of Internet Cafes so you can always go online and use Skype to do a video call back home. Calling cards are always an option but you will have to heed this warning. If you are looking to make a long call then using an international phone card is great, but if you want to be thrifty and use the calling card a lot of times you may find that the minutes do not last as long as you first thought. As long as you can make sure you talk within the allocated minutes you will be safe to use it, otherwise the best option would be to use Skype.

While you in the Philippines you may well think about heading over to Thailand. Thailand has a distinct cultural sense to Philippines. Thailand is only a few hours away by plane. You can even get a ferry there if you are feeling adventerous. If you want to phone Thailand from the UK the international country code is 0066. To call Philipines the code is 0063.