Prepare for Your Trip to San Diego: What to Know About Towing Services

The San Diego Trolley and Bus system is inexpensive and easy to use. Getting to know San Diego by foot is quite the experience. You can purchase a whole day trip ticket for $5 and use trolley and buses unlimited times. Although, if you are interested in exploring areas that are inaccessible to public transportation, renting a car is a good option.

You never know when you’ll run into an accident, so it’s best to prepare ahead of time. Following the advice in this article will make your experience much easier if this should happen. Plus, it’ll be faster, leaving you more time to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Know who to call in advance

The first thing to do before leaving is to keep the information of 2 or 3 towing companies you find trustworthy. Going online will make this process easy. We recommend you visit, a site where users type in their thoughts about local services, places, and more. Here you’ll find all the towing companies in San Diego, and what locals have to say about them. Look for the top rated, but read both the good and bad, because you never know to what extent a business participates to write about themselves.

What should you avoid? Customers complaining about hidden fees, drivers with an attitude, damages to their vehicle. We recommend you keep a fund specifically for accident or emergency expenses. Choose a handful of companies, and write down their information.

Let them know every detail

When you call the towing company of your choice, you should give them a detailed description of the situation. What kind of car you’re driving, 2WD or 4WD, any specifics of the accident. Anything you believe is pertinent to tell them, so when the driver arrives to the scene he’ll do his job more efficiently.

Ask the company for a flatbed tow truck

Depending on the scenario, flatbed towing might be your only option. That’s why it’s important to give an in-depth description. Whatever the case is, know that asking for flatbed towing will minimize the risk of damage to your vehicle. This is because your car will rest on top of a metallic bed, fitted on the back of a truck. It will also be tied down from parts that were designed for this type of towing.

You’ll have a good feeling knowing that you’re prepared for the worst. If you run into this situation, make sure your opinion is heard by using the same site recommended for research. It’s good practice to leave feedback for the towing company that worked with you, future travelers will appreciate it.

The information in this article is provided to you by a towing company. They’ve been towing in Chula Vista, CA for many years now, so you can trust it’s a good source based on their experience working with San Diego customers.