For globetrotters, travel in Spain can be an enthralling experience. If you are thinking that Spain is all about flamenco dancers, crowded beaches with hot chicks and cool dudes and bullfight, then you are wrong; Spain is definitely more than that! Spain is a diverse and fabulous tourist spot and travel in Spain is a […]

It can get very cold and miserable in any northern European country during the winter time. February is one of those months which is sort of weird, it’s neither here nor there, it’s not Christmas and yet is not yet spring. It’s a weird month also because it is always a time when I feel […]

Finding holiday apartments may seem to be an easy task but once you have numerous options, you will surely have a hard time picking the property that suits your needs. In choosing an apartment, the price is not the only thing you need to consider as there are many factors that will affect the entire […]