Vacation in Irish Holiday Cottages

Irish Holiday Cottages have exactly what one wants for any kind of holiday.  There are so many beautiful cottages to choose from, that the most difficult part of the trip will be choosing the best one for the time available.  There are cottages from one end of the island to the other and every direction in between.

A small, homey, cozy stone cottage in Donegal near the wind-swept coast will provide a serene, reprieve from the world.  It is close enough to a village that cooking can be avoided, depending on one’s needs and wants.  A resort-like, large cottage in Kerry with more diversions, at the other end of the scale, is just as accessible. There are cottages ready all over Ireland that will fit into the type of escape envisioned.

The cost of a week’s stay is so reasonable, that booking for two weeks is not out of reach.  One look at the cottage of choice will launch ideas for all sorts of fun and possibly make you stay longer so that nothing is left out.  The views alone will inspire thoughts of doing everything from A to Z or just relaxing.  No local will look over your shoulder to suggest this or that, but help is available if needed.  Looking at the possibilities of all the types of cottages offered will help pinpoint what the ideal holiday can be.

Irish Holiday Cottages have so many scenarios to choose from, one can have contemporary or charming in just about any kind of setting that exists in all of Ireland.  There are so many places to see that it would be easy to plan vacations in these cottages for years to come.  A couple or even a family of twelve can be equally comfortable and pleased.  Irish Holiday Cottages are waiting for you.

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