Where to Stay in the Philippines

Finding a place to stay when visiting a foreign country for a holiday is something that I really hate doing. I don’t know, I just find it so boring and time consuming. You’ll need to visit numerous websites and also read reviews from customers which is really the challenging part nowadays because it’s hard to see if a review is legit or not. So in this post, it’s my goal to make your life easier and give you tips on where to stay if you’re visiting my country, the Philippines.

So where’s the best place to stay in the Philippines?

It depends where you’re going. There are lots of tourist destinations in the country such as Boracay Island, Palawan, Batanes Island, Bohol, Cebu, Sagada and etc. However, if you’re staying in the Metro, I suggest that you stay in Makati, the country’s main financial district. It is the most developed city in the Philippines so  it is very convenient for everyone.

You can find a lot of hotels in Makati city ranging from high-end hotels to the cheaper ones. However if you are looking to save some money, I suggest that you find a condo for rent. There are condo units that are being rented out for short term stay. A typical high-end Makati condo will almost have no difference from a hotel except of course for the fancy restaurants, room service  and etc.

I suggest that you stay in a Rockwell Condo (Rockwell is one of the best developers in the country) because you can gain access to the Rockwell Club and take advantage of their great facilities such as swimming pool, theater and gym.

Makati City is also very near the airport, it’s just about 10-15 minutes drive so it really is very convenient. Makati City is also a lot safer compared to the other major cities in the Philippines.